Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Rach's first bath...so we all get a bath, no fair!

If you know us, you know that we don't get baths very often. Mum trims our nails and toe fur on a weekly basis, and gives us a great comb out every week, as well.

But sometimes, it's just time for a bath. Rach had been having some itchy bug bumps on his inner thighs soon after he came to live with us. Mum finally figured out that they were no-see-um's biting him and put a little all natural essential oil based lotion on his thighs once a day and the bug bites disappeared.

Then one day Mum found a tad bit of flea dirt on me. No fleas were found on any of us, but Mum wanted to make sure and get that dirt off me. So off to the bathtub I went!

I'm really good about getting a bath. I stand there, while Mum wets me down, suds-es me up and rinses me off. I even shake in the tub when Mum tells me it's time to 'shake.'

Gracie on the other hand is really a challenge in the tub. She freaks out a little, then settles down, but when she gets a burr up her butt, she's really strong. So Mum uses one of those tub collars with her, so that before she can get out of control, Mum can calm her and make her feel more comfortable, give her treats and help her settle down for the rest of the bath.

But Mum had no idea how Rach would be with a bath. So she made sure it was a fun, treat filled, clicker filled experience for him. And look! He was great with the bath. After just an initial little freak out, he settled right down and after a while seemed to actually enjoy it!

So a couple of weeks ago all three of us got a bath at 10:00 PM one Saturday night. Mum started with me and said....'well, may as well give Rach his bath'....then 'oh well, guess I'll give Gracie done too!'

We had to get our bath zoomies on in the cabin, which was challenging, but after that we got some awesome Elk antler chews to enjoy.

One of the best parts is Mum uses her favorite dog shampoo, Cloud Star Buddy Wash in Lavendar and Mint. She loves the smell and loves having a chance to enjoy the calming scent the few nights after we have a bath. Me? I don't care what she uses, BOL!

Mum was really proud of all of us as she had all of us bathed and brushed out in 40 minutes flat! Not bad Mum, not bad!

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  1. We bet you all get extra hugs and kisses because you smell so good ☺

    Love ya lots♥
    Mitch and Molly


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