Monday, November 03, 2014

Your Mum is going to love these....the best socks ever!

Mum has trouble with socks.

No, it's not because sometimes Rach and I grab them and run around the cabin and forest with them.

No, it's not because Rach, Gracie and I like to pull them off, leaving little toofer holes in them in our exuberance to help.

It's because she always, and I mean always, wears holes in the socks where the balls of her feet meet them.

I don't care what kind of socks she gets, wool or cotton, expensive or inexpensive; after a time, maybe a few months, maybe a couple of years, yep, there we have 'em....holes!

So when Mum was getting fitted for some new hiking shoes (more on that later) at our local Mountain Outfitters store, they mentioned that the shoes come with a free pair of socks that are guaranteed for life!

What?!? Guaranteed for life! That's just what Mum needs!

That means that anytime she wears one of those holes in her socks, all she needs to do is take them to any store that carries these socks and she'll get a replacement pair absolutely free.

Needless to say Mum bought the shoes and got the socks, and immediately ordered more socks! So what kind of socks are they?

Darn Tough socks of course!

What's super cool is they are made of merino wool (Mum's favorite sock material), so they stay cool in summer and warm in winter. They keep Mum's feet from drying out too, so no cracked heels. And they come in awesome colors, whether they are the no show athletic type, or the cushioned taller hiking versions of the socks.

We wanted to tell you about them, because we know how much your Mum would like them too. Check 'em out! We found the best deal on Amazon, about 10% off and free shipping!

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  1. You guys are so smart! We loved your video! We're off to check out the sock link!

    Love ya lots♥
    Mitch and Molly


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