Monday, January 12, 2015

A huge list of tricks you can teach your dog!

Since Rach came to live with us he's been learning a lot of tricks. Mum loves teaching him tricks and he loves learning them!

It's Rach has been learning more and more tricks, he's changed. At first he was hesitant to try new things, but now that Mum helps him with some 'cheerful interrupters' he's been a lot more eager to learn new things, and can't wait to dive right in.

It's exactly what Mum wanted for Rach, more confidence, more ambition, and more fun!

He's been learning tricks so quickly that Mum has to keep a list ready for new ones to teach him, and a list to revisit older ones so that he doesn't forget what he learns, although that doesn't seem to be  problem.

So Mum made this amazing list of tricks that she can refer back to and wanted to share it with you!

Let's get started...

Basic quick and easy tricks:

  • Sit
  • Stay
  • Lie Down
  • Come
  • Stop (stop whatever you are doing and look at Mum)
  • Look (look right into Mum's eyes, which is great for photos)
  • Leave (some people call it 'leave it')
  • Nose (touch nose to hand - that's what we call it so it doesn't conflict with 'touch' on the agility contacts)
  • Spit (which most people call 'drop it')
  • Release (release a toy or ball)
  • Go to mat, chair, etc. (Rach has a mat for his go to place, and while we all watch TV he has a chair he goes to)
  • Find 'it' (Rach plays find target right now, but we'll expand to other items)
  • Fetch (Rach learned 'get it' and 'bring it' as part of fetch)
  • Through (weave through legs)
  • Wait (wait just a moment for a release, different from a stay)
  • OK (the ultimate release word)
  • Give me a kiss

More advanced tricks that Rach has learned so far:

  • Back (he can go 35 feet back now from Mum)
  • Back between Mum's legs
  • Shut (shut doors, drawers)
  • Say Bye (both right wave and left paw wave)
  • Circus Dog (Rach puts two paws on an upside down big bowl and uses his back legs to turn around the bowl - both right and left)
  • Shake (paw)
  • BAM! (fit bumps Mum and then holds paw in air for a bit)
  • Tick Tock - spin left and right
  • Danger! - runs and gets between Mum's legs from behind)
  • Pull off socks (and shirts, hats and more!)
  • Find target (find target in the yard or in the home with treats on it)
  • Go to your mark (a piece of tape on the floor)

Other tricks we'll be working on:

  • Want to go for a walk? (fetch collar and leash) 
  • Big Wave (sit pretty and wave with both paws)
  • Drumming
  • Sit Pretty/Beg
  • Speak/Quiet
  • Smile (curls upper lip and shows teeth)
  • Bang! (play dead)
  • Cross your paws (who's a handsome boy, pretty girl)
  • Catch a toy in the air
  • Catch a treat in the air
  • Skateboard
  • Balancing all four paws on small items like turned over bowls, rocks, etc.

Other list of tricks we'll be considering:

  • Balance a Treat On Nose
  • Counting
  • Play frisbee
  • Fast, Slow Down, Stop (changing speed while running)
  • Identifying toys
  • Identifying colors
  • Stop, Drop, and Roll (roll over)
  • Whisper
  • Dance (on hind legs)
  • Lift one leg at a time
  • Limping
  • Bow
  • Are you ashamed? (puts head between paws and looks up)
  • Crawl
  • Paws Up (and stays)
  • Heel
  • Back up with Mum
  • Look left and right
  • Cop Cop (feet on Mum's)
  • Pray
  • Shake (shake off water)
  • Are you shy? (paw covering nose)
  • Growl
  • Blow bubbles
  • Drink from straw
  • Hold item on head and muzzle
  • Jump in Mum's arms
  • Open and close a book
  • Wrap in blanket
  • Big bang! (dramatic play dead)
  • Go to sleep (lies down, head down, closes eyes)
  • Turn off lights
  • Get it (specifically for a variety of items)
  • Open the fridge (and get a soda)
  • Get the mail
  • Load the washer, unload the dryer
  • Get a tissue
  • Sneeze
  • Put toys away
  • Clean the floor (wipe cloth on floor)
  • Hold and carry items (basket, shopping bag, etc.)
  • Push a shopping cart
  • Jump through arms
  • Jump over legs
  • Jump off chest
  • Back weave through legs
  • Jump on back and beg (and show paws)
  • Treiball and/or soccer
  • Bowling
  • Drawing
  • Painting
  • Ring toss
  • Stack bowls

Other tricks that others may enjoy:

  • Bring slippers
  • Set the table
  • Pick up trash
  • Draw the curtains
  • Back flip

Some cute phrases that can go with tricks we may want to use:

  • Did you wash your hands? (shows paws)
  • Spread 'em! (dog puts paws against wall)
  • Stick 'em up! (raises paws in the air)
  • What do boy dogs do? (lift a leg)
  • Let's go shopping! (carry a basket in a store)
  • Get the mail (open mailbox and retrieve mail)
  • Who do you love? (points at you with paw)
  • Do you have a cold? (sneezes on command)
  • Would you like cheese with that? (whines on command)
  • Who loves you (dog says I love you)
  • Where's your favorite toy? (gets toy and throws it in the air)
I've learned a lot of tricks over the years. If you'd like to see them on my YouTube channel for ideas, feel free to visit our site!

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  1. You're going to be a very busy dog, Rach, and a very smart one!

    Love ya lots♥
    Mitch and Molly


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