Monday, January 19, 2015

Donating some kitty food!

A while back, we ordered our usual order of cat food, litter and some kibble to have delivered to our cabin.

It was during one of the big snow storms that hit the northeast and got delayed. When it finally arrived one of the cases of the organic canned cat food that Mum feeds my kittie bros, Wolfie (in the photo) and Wiggy, was really damaged.

A few of the cans were punctured, and the rest of them were all dented. So Mum called the company and they quickly sent out a replacement case within just a few days.

So what to do with the great food in the dented cans that were perfectly safe? Donate them to a shelter of course!

So Mum took the rest of the cans to the agility trial we attended not too long after that and put a note on them that they were free to a good home, and added them to the check-in table.

Just a few hours later, Mum saw a note on the table and here's what it said...

And the neat thing is that we found out the note was from one of our favorite people to visit with when we go to trials! She is donating to one of the shelters/rescues, Circle of Friends Animal Society, where she adopted one of her agility dogs! Cool huh?

We are so glad the food found a pawsome home!

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  1. How wonderful of you guys to do this! We can see the kitty smiles already!

    Love ya lots♥
    Mitch and Molly


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