Friday, February 06, 2015

Gracie receives her Advanced Performance Jumpers title!

Big shout out to my sis Gracie!

She received her Advanced Performance Jumpers title in the mail! She actually received that last Q for her title back in mid November when she came away from two trial days with two Jumpers Q's. It took a few months for the certificate to come in the mail.

My's taken her a long time to be comfy in the ring, but she is loving agility now, whether it's at run thrus, at home or at trials.

She will never get a MACH or an ADCH like me, but she has fun and that's all that matters.

Funny story....back when Gracie started competing in agility years ago, she was running a starters jumpers run, jumping 22".She took a couple of jumps and came up on a wing jump. She stopped cold and sat down right in front of the bar of the jump.

Oh, that's odd. Mum pulled her back a little and got her running again headed to take that same jump, when Gracie stopped cold again and sat down right in front of the wing of the jump.

What happened next made everyone watching drop their jaw. Gracie used her front paws and pushed on the wing of the jump without knocking the bar, and looked up at Mum.

Ok that's really odd! Mum brought her back again, got her running to take that same jump the third and final time. What did Gracie do? She sat again in front of the wing, pushed it and knocked down the bar.

Then she trotted over the bar. Mum and Gracie continued the run perfectly, taking every single jump like a pro.

Mum knew right then and there, that Gracie needed to be moved down to performance 16" height, and Gracie has been in performance ever since.

Mum has said that she won't ever enter Gracie in the Master level, just too much weird energy in the masters ring, and Mum doesn't want Gracie to get too stressed.

Gracie still has some gamblers she needs for her advanced title. She's never been in pairs so she has that to try in PI. And if she can ever get over her teeter fear, she can still do standard too.

Gracie will be 10 in a few months so she still has time to have more agility fun!

Congrats Gracie, we're very proud of you!


  1. We would have never guessed that you are almost 10 for all that you accomplish, Gracie! Congratulations to you! You are an amazing girl!

    Love ya lots♥
    Mitch and Molly


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