Wednesday, February 28, 2007


Wow - we are really grateful this morning. We got this great note from Chester the Corgi on our MySpace page:

Johann! Dude! I just read your newsletter! That's HORRID how you broke your leg!!!!!!! My Mommy wants to help!!! She's going to those websites you talked about and see what she can do!!!!!!!

I have my "Buddy Papa" that takes care of me when Mommy can't, but he's very old and if anything should happen to him I would have to go back to the Kryder Kritter Hotel. My Mommy loves them there (owned by our Vet's son), but what if something would happen to me while I'm there???????

She's going to ask them how they handle such things. (I have to go there for a few nights in APril when my cousin gets married)

Thank you for your inspirational stories and all the work you and your Mommy do!

*high paws*

Thanks Chester - we hope that some good can come out of my broken paw. You've just let us know that we're making a difference! You ROCK!!!!

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