Monday, March 05, 2007

I'M BACK!!!!

Well it's official! I AM BACK!

Mom signed me up for my first trial coming up on April 7th. I can hardly wait!!!!

We're just going to do one day, because she's also signing me up for two more trials in April. So we're gonna start out a little slower.

I went to training last Wednesday and had a great time. Did everything but the A-Frame - and no hesitations whatsoever. It felt so good to get back in action. I've really missed it.

And Mom and I practiced out in the backyard yesterday too. Did some jumping and some weavin'. Total fun!!! I was raring to go, took a jump nearly 35 feet from her. And it was the right one - BOL!!!

I gotta tell you - sometimes it feels like I've been down more than I've been up in my short life. I sure am grateful that I can still do my favorite thing - AGILITY!!!!

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