Monday, April 30, 2007

It Did It!

Wow, what a great weekend. Nice weather, just a couple of great days to run agility!!!

The weekend started off kind of wild. Mom and I - well our rhythm was off. We had two runs, Masters Jumpers and Steeplechase, almost right off the bat. Mom did some real wide front crosses and I went around a jump - so no Q's, but good speed.

Then we had our Gamblers and Standard runs a little later in the day. The Gamblers was kind of tough with a tunnel, back around to teeter and jump, jump combination. But we did it!! Mom says I'm really getting much more confident and starting to want to and enjoy working away from her. Makes her real proud. By the time we did the Standard run it was getting kind of hot, but I gave it my all and we Q'd - a little slower than usual, but good enough!!! I was panting almost the entire run.

The gamblers run gave us our Advanced Gamblers title, YEAH!!!! And we got the one run toward our AAD and ASA titles. One more Standard run needed to complete all of our Advanced titles, Wow!!!

Then it was off to the Grand Prix - it's kind of like a standard course but without the table and a way to qualify for regionals - nice course, we totally enjoyed it - and whadda ya know? We got third place and a Q. Wow that was our first time in Grand Prix. We loved it!

Sunday, Mom and I were tired but felt better - so we were up for our four runs.

The day started kind of frantically with the Masters Snooker, a difficult Snooker at that! Mom plotted a course with help from an acquaintance - and well-known Midwest agility champ and trainer. She has always been very nice and helpful to us. Thanks Sherry!

Ah, the course had the first red way out past a couple of other jumps. Mom hates to run with me that far - cause I get kind of slow. But I love really long lead outs and am fast at them, so that's what we did. Well I was such a good boy, I totally followed what the dog in front of us did and took the first jump - Mom just needed to be out farther for me and then bring me in toward the red. Good learning experience!!!

Then it was off to our Masters Jumpers run - We did great - got third place!!! Total fun - those jumpers runs. Mom said I was a little slower than usual, but real accurate! And real proud.

Next was Advanced Standard - and this is the big one Mom and I really wanted. The course was flowing, only one real trap. So off we went. I did well! And faster than my Standard run on Saturday. Got a real nice Q and a first place! Well that was just about the greatest ever!! We've had a lot of trouble getting our standard runs - but we are definitely getting better at them.

So that gave us our Advanced Agility Dog title and our Advanced Standard Agility title. Very cool - now we are in Masters everything.

Not too bad for 10 USDAA trials and 16 months. Now Mom and I are really spoiled!!!


  1. Hey - Congrads buddy! Thats really great!

    You are now (In a booming earth shattering heavenly voice with lots of echo)



    Luv Chuckles

  2. Hey Johann! Thanks for stopping by and barkin' at me on Bark N Blog, I appreciate it, WOOF!

    I got ya blogrolled too -we dogs gotta stick together, WOOF!

    Shadrach the Neo Mastiff


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