Wednesday, May 02, 2007

The trials of baggage!

Mom and I, well mostly Mom, has been thinking a lot about Gracie lately. After last weekends running off and panicking in the ring, Mom decided to go back to the basics with Gracie.

So she has started by allowing Gracie most all the freedom she could have throughout the day, so that we could observe her - what makes her happy, unhappy, interested, bored, cautious, stimulated, afraid, curious and more. Because we think Gracie has brought more baggage with her from her past, than we may have originally thought.

We've taken notes, and now Mom will begin basic socialization, bonding, shaping and behavior training with her, as if she had just started living with us. It's the only way Mom thinks that she can understand Gracie better and what may be a good outlet for her energy and smarts. Maybe she's not going to be an agility dog or maybe she just needs more time. Or, maybe she would be better suited to herding or obedience or even maybe tracking - either way Mom and I are committed to helping her.

We'll keep you posted in the coming weeks.......stay tuned!

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