Thursday, May 24, 2007

I'm sad.......

Stupid rainbow bridge - who does it think it is taking my friends. I know, seems harsh, but the stages of grief include anger, right?

Well, seems that one of my MySpace friends had to be put down a couple of days ago because of aggression - he was attacking his brother dog and being aggressive with his Mum and Dad; and with children in the house.....well it just wasn't meant to be. We will miss you Chow Pow.

Then this morning as we were checking our email, we learned that a really good friend of ours, Piper, on MySpace, developed very aggressive cancer and was in great pain. His Mum put him down yesterday to ease his pain and help him to the rainbow bridge. We had planned to meet this summer at an agility trial - 'cause Piper did agility off and on, but his claim to fame was therapy work, as well as, demo dog for his Mum's obedience students.

I know that this rainbow bridge is really gonna be OK for us when it's my time or time for my sis, Gracie, or kittie brothers, Wolfie and Wiggy - but what about the folks that are left behind? I like to think that my Mum will meet me on the other side of that rainbow bridge when it's her turn, and that we will play, run, and do agility 'till eternity. Gives me comfort to think that way.

Well to ease our sadness today - we made this tribute pic of Piper. We will always remember his loving smile.

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  1. BUMMER! We're sorry some of your buddies are going across the rainbow bridge without you.. but we're glad you're staying around a while, too.

    There's a cool site that you can send a love story about your buddies and they'll post it... kind of a pet memorial site... it's called "Love is A Four Legged Word" at ... the nice lady there will post your stories for free (both live and rainbow bridge love stories!)

    Wuf Ya!
    Gomer & Opie at DogsAyeView


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