Wednesday, May 23, 2007

The rabbit chase!

Well I finally did it - I got to chase that darn rabbit.

I swear that thing was huge. Well, maybe not really this huge, but to me it was, BOL! I've seen that rabbit nearly every night and try to get to it through the fence. Sometimes I sit at the back door, going berserk because I can see it on the hill behind our house. And, if that isn't enough, it leaves its droppings in MY yard (well, I have to say that's the yummy part!).

Mum was taking Gracie out the back gate for a little training exercise - which in itself, makes me pretty darn mad (and did I say jealous!). Just then THE rabbit which I had been trying to get at for weeks (maybe even months) flew past me outside the gate. Gracie was on lead, but I wasn't and I bolted through the gate after that big sucker.

Needless to say Mum wasn't too happy I broke my stay. She got Gracie situated, then took after looking for me.

Now usually I'm really good at recalls, but I'm afraid that rabbit had me under it's spell. So I didn't pay much attention to Mum. She didn't like that. When she spotted me, I was heading at top speed through three backyards for the pond. Just then, I lost the rabbit as I looked back at Mum calling me. So I had to give it up for now.

She got me back inside the fence safe and sound, but she wasn't very happy with me - put me in a down stay for, like, EVER!!!! (Well, in human time it was just a few minutes). I didn't like it and made sure she knew it. Then she headed for the back door and called me to come inside - which I did immediately, of course. And she gave me the biggest hug ever, and a big ole treat.

I know I say this a lot, but Mum gets scared when I do crazy stuff like that. We just can't handle more injuries, please!!!!!

Rabbit? You beware, I'll be baaaacccckkk!!!!


  1. My dog, Pooka, also enjoys chasing rabbits. You must be careful with those tasty droppings, Pooka got worms from those and had to take meds to get rid of them. I was none too happy about that. Then there was the night her and Sheba the cat caught about a dozen babies and Sheba let Pooka eat most of them, she had to stay over night at the vet because of her tummy problems.

  2. Thanks Lesley - you know my Mum's name is Leslie. Not that common of a name!

    Mum tries to keep me from the rabbit droppings, but sometimes, it's difficult. The neighbors finally planted their veggie garden, so maybe it will poo in their yard now.

    Thanks for stopping by!


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