Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Training last night!

Yeah - we had training last night - both Gracie and I.

It was hot, about 85 degrees, but we held up better than Mum expected. She's been working on getting us acclimated to the heat, 'cause it's just gonna get hotter and hotter. Last year's USDAA trial on July 4th weekend hit 90 degrees. Yikes!

Training was great last night. I hadn't run for about a week and a half, since I had been a bit gimpy. But I was raring to go last night. I whined all the way down the road, then I whined all the way walking to the ring, then I whined because I didn't get to go first. Dang!

But them when I did get to run, I was off like a shot out of a shotgun. Mum was prepared, she led out a couple of jumps. We did distance work, discriminations, gambles, serpentines and more. All loads of fun! And just the things Mum and I wanted to work on.

Gracie had a great practice. Mum didn't use the 'secret weapon' (plastic baggie) to see how she would do on her focus on Mum without it. She did great! Throughout the entire hour she only ran off once about 6 feet, and came back to Mum pretty fast. Good for you Gracie!

Saturday we are off to a Show N Go at the Pawsitive Partners training center. They will be having a USDAA trial there in a couple of weeks. Mum wants to work with Gracie there, since they will allow 2 minutes for runs, and treats and toys in the ring - just in case Gracie needs it. Mum's gonna start with no enticement and see how she does. But pull out the treats if Gracie needs it. Wish her luck!!! Sure would be nice if she could hold her focus at trials and be able to compete like me - she does all her obstacles so well; it would be nice for her to be able to show her stuff.

Then on Monday we are off to a big party at our trainers house. Good food, good friends (human and canine) and a chance to get in some great practice. We are really looking forward to it - since we had so much fun last year.

Well, better get my beauty rest, since we didn't get home until late last night.


  1. In two weeks, we'll have a USDAA trial out in the Central Valley where last year the temps were over 110 late in the afternoon (photos here). Yikes. Hoping not that hot this year. It's been pretty balmy so far here, so dogs aren't used to it at all. Me neither.

    I don't mind your site linking to my site (or, believe me, I'd have asked you to remove it). I left a response to your post on my site, but the gist is that I think your site is clever and attractive, I think it does give some good and legit info, but because sometimes clicking links in your posts earns you money, I'm not comfortable providing a direct link to the site without a disclaimer. I don't think that's bad. It's just not a plain everyday blog.

    And that's not to say that I haven't been thinking about a way of earning some agility spending money from my web activities; just haven't come up with an idea that I like for myself yet.


  2. Yikes, 110 - They may think about canceling a trial here if it was that hot; although we were out in 30 degrees, with wind, rain, sleet and, yes, snow, not too long ago. It was horrible, but I Q'd and got third in steeplechase.

    Yes, disclaimers are good and we applaud you for being upfront with your readers - we want to be up front too.

    Looking forward to more posts from you, we enjoy your blog and sharing in the trials, tribulations and successes. And hope you find a creative idea for yourself - so you can do more AGILITY! Yeah!


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