Wednesday, May 16, 2007

I've been tagged!

TipTail tagged me!! First on MySpace and now here, oh well - I'm so interesting and I'll always have something to say, BOL!!! Besides this way I get to know so much more about my friends.

1. I hate the Dyson - but who really likes vacuums?
2. I have a dog sister, Gracie; and two kittie brothers Wolfie (aka Wolfgang) and Wiggy (aka Ludwig). Yep we are all named after classical composers. Mom used to be a flutist.
3. I think that every package that comes into the house is MINE, and I let everyone know.
4. I've had three injuries (two major) in my three years of life - but still managed to get my AX and AXJ and AAD titles in agility; as well as others. I love agility!

Now about my Mom....

5. Mom's main work is as an independent marketing consultant to technology and other companies.
6. Mom does all my work for me on the Internet (duh!) including my website, Squidoo lenses, blog, manages my many sites, including MySpace, and monitors on WikiFido on the side.
7. I am my Mom's first dog, EVER!

Now I have to name those I am tagging --- hmmmm, let's see....

Bark N Blog
Taj MuttHall

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