Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Keep us safe on the lawn!

You've seen the warnings - keep pets and children off lawn!

Everyone loves a lush green lawn, but they can come with a price. A price for us pets, children and adults. Read here about the top 10 reasons to ditch your lawn and garden chemicals; and here about some of the reported affects of these chemicals in pets and children.

When Mom moved into our new house, she was very conscious of what she used in the yard and on the lawn; and she still is. And I thank her for that. She spent a lot of time researching various methods of organic and all natural lawn fertilizers, as well as ways to naturally combat those pesky pests.

When she was researching she came across this site with all kinds of great products that are safe, but yet very affective! Check 'em out - your pets and children will thank you!

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