Friday, May 18, 2007

What is your mutt made of?

I guess great minds think alike!! Over the past few months Mom has been thinking a lot about Gracie's heritage. Mostly because she thinks that if she knows more about Gracie, it would help with her training.

Well, seems that John Woestendiek, reporter for the Baltimore Sun, has had the same thoughts and ideas. Here is a great article on his exploration to find out his dog, Ace's, heritage. And here is a link to the entire series. You will enjoy it.

We know about the DNA test that you can get to find out the primary breed of your dog. For $65.00 you get a kit in the mail, swab your pups cheek, send it in, and in the obligatory 4-6weeks you'll receive the results printed on a frame quality PawPrint™ Certificate of Breed Analysis that will display your pet’s breed composition. If you provide a digital photo of your pet, it will also be printed on the certificate at no extra charge.

The only downside is the Canine Heritage™ Breed Test can only determine if any of the 38 validated breeds make-up your pet’s breed composition. If your pet’s composition contains non-validated breed(s) the test may identify a breed earlier in your dog’s ancestry. This may cause identification of apparent unlikely breeds for your animal’s composition. Breeds are reported as primary and secondary. Primary breeds have been identified as the most prevalent in your pet. Secondary breeds are breed types that are also present but to a lesser extent than primary breeds.

Before we shell out $65.00 for this (I have to say it - really cool test), we thought we'd ask you what primary breed Gracie is made of???

Here is her photo and stats:

32 lbs
18.5 inches at the whithers
21 inches from back of neck to base of tail
Coloring: white on legs, chest and belly, brown coat with brindle mixed in
Traits: She herds like a pro and does well in agility (although she tends to run off); chews anything; chases my tail, is crazy about water and attacks the sprinkler and hose; loves people all ages 3-93 and plays nice with virtually any dog; she is as sweet as they come and hardly ever fights back; although she is stubborn as heck!

So, what do you think is Gracie's primary breed? Take our poll to help us out:


  1. Hi! Thanks for stopping by DogsAyeView! We sent in for the Canine Heritage Test for Opie and me. We're waiting to get results back. Dogmom knows pretty much for sure that I, Gomer, am a Beagle/Lab mix, cuz my mom was in the dumpster with me and obviously I look more like a Lab than a Beagle... Opie... well, we have no idea.

    We should get our results in the mail any day now and we'll let you know what we find out. We have a contest on our blog to guess Opie's breed... just click the links at the top/left of our blog to register your guess.

    (BTW, thanks for trading links with us!)
    Wuf Ya!

  2. Oh, BC? Hmm....Mom thought about that too! Interesting...

  3. Gomer - can't wait to read about your results!


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