Friday, May 11, 2007

I sure could have used these when I got my broken paw!

Wow, I really could have used these when I got my broken paw this past winter! Just think, with these Pet Steps, Mom wouldn't have had to watch that I didn't jump off the bed or couch, and would have had more time to make me treats!

The Pet Steps come in a variety of sizes from 2-5 steps and in 8 different colors, including sage green, dark green, dark blue, grey, tan, ivory, black, and light blue. The heavy duty steps are made from solid half inch cabinet grade wood with a weight capacity of well over 250 pounds. The carpet is high quality Olefin carpet which allows for easy cleanup and long wear.

The steps arrive completely built and finished, with absolutely no assembly required – like that! They even have one type that would be great for Wolfie and Wiggy (the kitties) – it has two compartments on the underneath where they could play and sleep – so the whole family could have fun with these. Storage lids, wheels and handles can be added to the steps. Hey, those storage areas would be nice for storing our toys.

With over 4,000 customers, the company guarantees you will be satisfied or you can return them within 30 days - no questions asked. And they donate a portion of all sales to The Humane Society. Cool!

Note: The preceding was a paid review.

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