Sunday, June 17, 2007

I have another twin!

As some of you know I've been on a search for my birth brother - see here's a pic. I'm on the left, with my brother - we were named Ben and Jerry at the shelter. No luck finding my brother yet, but....

There is another dog in town that is a bit bigger than me, but looks a whole lot like me! I was very fortunate to meet this young lass and get to be her best bud. See this is me and Cosmo on the right! We have a lot of fun together.

Just this weekend, we got an email. Seems I have another twin! Yep, that's right! And she lives in California!

Meet Ramp - a rescue just like me. She really likes her dad because he found her as a stray.

Ramp showed up at his office on January 3, 2005. His office is next to the on-ramp for Humboldt Hill Road and State Highway 101, near Eureka, CA. Hence the name “Ramp.” He took her home and contacted the local humane society and placed a lost and found add in the paper.

Fortunately for Ramp's dad and Ramp, no one called so she decided to make her home with him. At that time Ramp was about nine months old. That’s what the vet lady said so her birthday should be in April 2004.

Much to her dad’s surprise, Ramp wasn’t house broken. How was she to know there are things you can’t do in a house? Then, after a few months her dad decided she needed a brother. Her Mom and dad saw an add in the paper for Australian Shepherd puppies and next thing you know, she has a brother named Rocky. They get along great.

People say she is a McNabb. And her favorite thing to do is run, go to the beach, and chase and catch balls. She's not very good at returning them, though. Drives her dad crazy.

Thanks for writing to us Ramp. So great to hear from pups out there that read our blog, and that are my twins! Aren't we good looking! BOL!

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