Sunday, June 17, 2007

We started a new blog!

I'm Johann and I'm a rescue!

And, I am a very fortunate pup - have a great family, a great career, great hobbies - a pup just couldn't ask for more. So, we have been working steadily to give back, through our website, through, and other ways.

We thought a great way to give back would be to start another blog that highlights pups in need; pup in rescues and shelters throughout the country. So we started a new blog

Be sure and check it out - 'cause we will be featuring a new pup in need every day of the week. And there are great links to all kinds of rescue organizations - purebred and All-American - throughout the country.

Be sure and grab one of our chicklets to post on your site or blog and link to Rescue Me, we know it will help a pup in need.

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