Tuesday, June 26, 2007

New toy!

On my birthday Mum gave me, among other things, a new toy!

I get lots of toys at agility events, but Mum keeps them hidden from me until special days. I know, it's horrible. But if she gave me all those toys, I'd be spoiled! Can't have that.

But yesterday was a very special day - my birthday!

Here I am with my new Zanie....

Wait I see Gracie has a toy, hmmmm....

Hmmm....(plotting strategy).......

Got it......now for the surgical removal of the squeaker (my favorite part).....

Hey, back off chickie!



  1. Great photos!
    Hey, I have you listed in my viraltags...correctly now. Sorry for the confusion. I've been busy, and appologize for miscommunications on my part. :-(

    See you later, Speedcat :-)

  2. This is Sammy the Surf Dog and I like ur blog u should read my surf report

    I putted u in my blog roll


Thanks for barking in!

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