Monday, June 25, 2007

Watch out for those fireworks!

It's fireworks season - for some that's good, for others it can be their worst nightmare!

I have to say that I'm not afraid of fireworks, or thunderstorms, or other similar booming types of noises. And luckily for our family, neither is Gracie, or even Wolfie and Wiggy, the resident cats.

But lots of dogs are terrified of these big boomers. Last year was a perfect example....

One of our fellow agility competitors went home after the trial and let her dog out to do his business. Well, just then a neighbor set off a firework, and all heck broke loose. The pup scaled a 10 foot fence and was gone in a shot. It all happened very quickly.

The next day, 20-30 of the folks competing at the trial, took their dogs that were trained at tracking and spent the entire day looking for the pup. Later that night, the pup was found on a nice ladies porch, collapsed from the night and day ordeal. Luckily, he got home and only suffered some paw rawness. But it was very scary.

So pups out there? Take care this firework season. We sure wouldn't want anything to happen to ya! And, even though we aren't afraid of all that stuff, we still take precautions - 'cause you just never know what could happen.

If you need more information here are some great articles, with tips on keeping your pet safe, noise desensitization training, what to do and not to do, and more. And be sure and wear your ID, you just never know what can happen!

From the Human Society of the United States:


  1. Great post! Something else to try is flower essences... Aspen or Mimulus or both together. or a blend made for dogs for fireworks.. (I won't post it here because I sell it and I think it's rude to sell my stuff on someone elses website!)

  2. Great info! Thank you! :)

  3. Oh, good idea about the flower essences! Thanks!


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