Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Our friend has a new book out!

Our good friend, Mary Marshall is a nationally renowned healer and intuitive. She has assisted trainers in pinpointing the causes of behavior and performance problems, guided owners in finding lost pets, and aided owners and veterinarians in targeting health problems in all types of animals.

Mary has facilitated emotional healing in animal/owner relationships and provided messages from deceased pets to grieving owners. She teaches beginning- and advanced-level animal communication. And now she has a new book!

This is the first book to bring together the art of intuitive communication with animals, multi-level healing and inspriation for all creatures, and the wisdom of a real-life Medicine Horse.

We're pretty proud of Mary - she's been a good friend to me and my sis Gracie and helped us through a few things. Good for you Mary - looking forward to reading the book!

Click here to get the new book!

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