Wednesday, June 20, 2007

It's party time!

It's summer time and that means party time, right?

Lots of folks have been searching the Internet about how to throw a great pup party - we've seen the results on our Throw a Great Dog Party lens on It's been getting a lot of traffic lately.

So, we thought we'd post a link here for you! The lens has all kinds of great info on planning your party, party themes, invitations, goodie bags, resources, dog games, food and lots more!

Mum's pretty good at planning parties. And back on September 3rd, 2005, she threw me the best Gotcha Day party in the history of the Universe. Yep, that's right, the Universe! And you can see and read about everything that happened right here.

Lots of folks asked her, how did she do it? So she put together this party planning checklist, and then created a great page on my website - - with all kinds of dog party supplies, invitations, pup gift ideas, healthy dog cakes, dog treats, goodie bag items, and even gifts for the human host or hostess.

You can have a safe and fun party for your pup!


  1. What a CUTE idea! love the party idea and think I will be throwing Jingles(my 5 lb. yorkie) a birthday party this year. Love it! Any way, I added ya to the Viral posties, so we are all set! Good luck and take care! i will be back to check out what's new on here soon!

  2. Hey there, I got your post! I am still a little unsure what you need me to change! Sorry i am "brain dead" today! Take care!

  3. LOL! I got it fixed! It is always Paty time at my house! Sorry, I looked at that thing 100 times before I saw the error! Have a great day!


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