Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Peace of mind!

Many of you know that I have had my share of 'accidents' in my short three years of life - dislocated toe, attacked by dogs, broken metacarpal, oh yeah and a nasty bee sting that hampered my breathing. But those days are long gone!!!!

One thing that Mum did when she adopted me was get me a health insurance policy. Yep, that's right, health insurance. When I was just four months old, I had a problem with car sickness. One day, Mum took me to the pet store for some socialization and I got sick in the car. Well getting sick in the car is bad enough, but when Mum saw what came out of me she was shocked - bits of toys in a rainbow of colors, mulch, and more. Even though she watched me like a hawk day in and day out, she had no idea I was swallowing all those things.

She knew she had to be more diligent - and she also knew that if I got 'clogged up' she wasn't so sure she would be able to financially handle a $2,000 operation to get my insides fixed. That night she signed me up for health insurance, just in case. Thank goodness I didn't need an intestinal clean up, but that insurance has sure come in handy over the past two years.

Mum works on her own - runs two companies, mine and hers. So she isn't on any company's health insurance plan. She has to find her own. She's on a good plan now, but is always looking for sites that can keep her in the loop and occasionally update her on a wide variety of Health Insurance Quotes. 'Cause you never know when you may find a better deal, right?

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