Monday, July 30, 2007

The car accident, a contest win, two Giant Schnauzers, and two NQ's!

We're back from the trial and thank DOG we are safe and sound. We had a couple of really close calls. But we did win the contest!!!

Yesterday has to be one of the worst days of my life. Well maybe one of the three worst days of my life. The first and second being attacked by a pack of dogs, and getting my broken foot at the boarding facility last fall.

And now that Mum thinks about it, she remembers that I didn't want to go to the trial yesterday - she had a lot of trouble getting me to get in the car at 5:00 AM to head to Dayton, OH. Mum you just shoulda listened to me!!!!

We headed off to the trail, the trip uneventful. Got there in plenty of time and Mum walked the course. Then she came back to get me from the car and my crate. When I got out of my crate, two Giant Schnauzers who were in an x-pen beside us, started after me. They growled and barked very aggressively at me and tried to get out of their x-pen. Scared the living daylights out of me.

Then just about 20 minutes later I ran my first course. I didn't run very well. Mum says I looked stressed the entire run, wasn't running my usual fast self, and plowed into the triple jump. She was a little worried about me, so we walked around outside after to de-stress, and there was a lady giving free doggie massages, so I got one of those.

Then it was back in my crate, while Mum walked our Jumpers course. She tried really hard to keep me confident and focused just on her, but I didn't want to run again and sniffed a lot on the course. A sure sign of stress, then I popped the weaves, so no Q again. Mum gave me lots of lovin' and some great treats, but I just wanted to go home.

We packed up the car and headed home. About 30 minutes west of Dayton we were on Interstate 70, going about 65 MPH, the speed limit, when suddenly cars were braking hard, spinning out and smoke was all over the place.

Mum braked and went to the berm to avoid some cars, when another car in front of her did the same thing, so we went further into the median (the grass space between the four interstate lanes). Then we were all over the median, back and forth, left and right. Mum worked real hard to keep from rolling the car and keep from going into the oncoming lanes of traffic. Just then another car ended up in the median too and Mum jcouldn't avoid that car without going into oncoming traffic.

We were going at a much lesser speed by then and hit the car on the left front. Kind of like we both met our left and right fronts. Then we finally came to a stop.

Mum jumped out of the car, opened the back end of the Discovery to check on us. We were scared, but doing OK. Then she went and checked on the other people in the other car. They were OK and were calling the police. Three other cars involved were pulled over on the right side of the traffic across the road from us. They were unhurt too.

Considering the circumstances, Mum thinks everyone was pretty smart about how they handled the flood of braking cars, spinning cars, and smoke so thick you could barely see. Luckily no one was hurt in the entire accident - in all five or six cars. It could have been a real disaster.

We couldn't drive the car home because it was so damaged, so my friend Cosmo's Mum drove 90 minutes to come and get us, then nearly two hours to take us home. We are so grateful to her Mum, we could lick her silly!!!!!!! We are so grateful that we have such a good friend.

All three of us are pretty sore today, from being roughed up and from the stress and trauma. But we have to say that coming home to see that we had won the contest cheered us up a lot!!! Thank you soo much to all of you who voted. We'll keep you posted on the pressies!

Mum is setting us up an appointment for a chiropractic adjustment. Then she has to figure out how to get the car back and repaired, and get herself destressed.

We thank DOG that we are home, safe and sound, and that no one was hurt in the accident.

Mum also wants to share that she is really glad she works so hard to keep us safe in the car. She makes sure that we are in our crates and that the crates are secured with bungee cords. If we would have been loose in the car...well, I hate to think how Gracie and I would be today...

Give your loved ones - two legged and four legged - a big hug today, and thank them for being your friend, K? 'Cause you just never know.....



  1. Wow, sorry about the accident. Always a horror when your dogs are in the car. Hope everyone is okay and that your future travels are uneventful.

    PS Johann looks like an Aussie to me. Were you really able to ILP him as a Sheltie?

  2. Oh no this is BAD... Glad you is OK.

  3. Sorry to hear about the accident.

    But congrats on all your wins - including the internet one where you can get Gracie a present (see - told you yours was the best blog).

  4. Yikes Johann !!! That is horrible - so glad that you are all okay, that must have been very scary :-(


  5. I am so glad you are all okay, Johann! How scary! *whew*

    Big kisses to you and the fam!

  6. Scary stuff, Johann. Glad you and mum survived the whole freeway incident in one piece :)

    Congrats on your wins!

  7. Glad you're all safe, that was really scary stuff. Made me check how secure my crates are in the back of the car...

  8. Sorry to hear about the accident. Very scary! Good reminder to keep us restrained, even though we don't always like it. My human uses a harness/seatbelt thingie.
    But way to go on the contest win!

  9. Thank you everyone for your wonderful comments and wishes!


    PS: Flirt the Squirt - we can't find you to comment, the link on your comments isn't working, can you send your blog address?

  10. Oh dear. sorry to hear about the accident. Glad to heat that you're all ok. Congrates on wining the contest. Can't wait to see your prize

    ~ girl girl

  11. That is so scary. You did well on how you handled it.. all of you. I have been in 2 rollovers, both in snow, and so now I won't drive in the snow (and I think I might have PTSD about it). My second rollover, the one that scared me most of all, Lucy was in the van (I wasn't driving, but the van was full of crated dogs). Lucy handled it very well, but I was a wreck. For a week I walked around wondering if i was really dead.


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