Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Gettin' it together!

Mum was dealing with the car situation a lot yesterday, on and off the phone, laying down a lot, giving out a little grunt and moan every time she moved, and talking with a couple of friends. She just doesn't seem herself, and sure can't play with us like she usually does.

She's been encouraging us to go outside in the early AM and late PM to play together. She threw a few sticks and that got us going. This morning we got the mad, mad zoomies together. Sure was fun to run with my sis and destress a little!

Mum says the car is back in Indy now and at a repair shop. We still don't have a car to drive, but she's gonna call today to get us one. We're gonna have to miss practice tonight, 'cause Mum says she just couldn't do either one of us justice, and it wouldn't be fair.

We have a trial this weekend, a USDAA. Which means really long days. We may have to cut some short if we aren't all recuperated by then.

I have a chiro adjustment scheduled for Thursday. I'm feeling less sore, but Mum thinks we should get a check up, just to be sure. Mum has called someone to check her out as well. Gracie has been showing signs of stress, chewing up stuff more, chasing the cats more, and getting scared with loud trucks and stuff. Mum just keeps calm when she does that and puts her in working mode to get her mind off stuff. Me? As long as I'm with my Mum, I'm good.

We'll be OK, but it's taking a little more time than we all thought. Just because you walk away from a car accident seemingly unhurt, sure doesn't mean it things go right back to normal. They don't! We're gonna take it easy again today. Mum has to work, but at least she works at home and can lay down when she needs to.

Thank you everyone for your notes of concern and well wishes. We really, really appreciate it. We're a little slow in getting back to everyone, but we will, we promise!!! 'Cause you guys rock!!!!

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  1. Hey, Johann! I'm so sorry for the week you're having - it's been rather awful, hasn't it? I'm very glad to hear you're all okay, or will be in time. Take care, please!


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