Thursday, July 26, 2007

Eating out!

Mum doesn't eat out much, primarily because she can't take us along and doesn't like leaving us at home. Only restaurants that have outdoor seating accept us dogs around here. So she spends some time now and then browsing to find some great recipes or entertaining ideas, 'cause sometimes she will invite friends over for a get together.

When she has these little parties she likes to try brand new recipes. One time she had a big holiday party and made all new things to eat. She made sure to tell folks when they arrived that they were 'taste and tries' - that's what she calls her new recipes. The party goers think it's kind of fun! And makes for a real conversation starter - especially if it doesn't taste so good!

She was searching around the other day and found a San Diego banquets site that has incredible Mediterranean foods that she's never tried before. She says she going to try some at her next get together! Maybe she'll let me sample some, think?

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