Monday, July 23, 2007

Fun weekend!

We had a great weekend. It was cooler and sunny....great running around weather. Mum did laundry and cleaned, we gave the Dyson fits (we think we are starting to get to that thing). Mum also mowed the lawn and cleaned up our car crates, and (wonders never cease) she cooked.

Wait - did I say she cooked? Yep, it's a miracle. Mum really doesn't like to cook, and she's always so busy with work and us. But yesterday she wanted to start getting ready for Gracie's birthday coming up. So she went to the grocery and started in the minute she got back.

First she made something for herself. Usually Mum eats pretty good for her food. But yesterday she made herself a new recipe she found in a flyer. Enchilada casserole. And dog, did it smell good! We hung around the kitchen watching her the entire time, and hoping...

Then she got out more stuff from the fridge and we smelled familiar smells. Yogurt, peanut butter, blueberries. Oh my.... She mixed the yogurt and peanut butter, then got the blueberries ready. What is she making???? Homemade frosty paws!!!! Yeah!!!!

After she mixed everything up...she was nice enough to give us a taste.......

Wow, are in for a treat or what? Don't worry the knife looks dangerous, but it's not sharp at all.

She stuck them in the freezer and we went out to play for awhile....

Then, just about an hour or so later, she brought out a couple of those frosty paws for us to taste! She just about didn't get the camera ready before they were gone...Yummy!!!!!

We loved them! Mum packaged up a few of those frosty paws and gave some to the neighbor dogs. Then she let my kitty brother Wiggy out for a little fresh air. If you look closely you can see Wolfie at the door. Mum doesn't let Wolfie out, 'cause he runs from us and can easily scale the fence and get away, but Wiggy is pretty dog savvy and doesn't mind us too much.

But it wasn't long before we got the evil eye from him...and it was back inside to safety for him.

Overall, it was a pretty doggone good weekend. Lots of fun and rest...and we got to go on a couple of long walks around the neighborhood. We love that!

Hope you had a great weekend, too!


  1. Hi Johann,
    Our blogs are linked!

  2. What a great weekend...especially the frosty paws part...mmmm! You need to put on your saddest face to get some enchiladas though, BOL!


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