Monday, July 23, 2007

Hmmm...this is interesting!

We just came across a new service, and potentially a new way to make money. Since Mum and I are always looking for ways to make for JohannTheDog, Inc., and be able to donate more of our profits to dog rescues and shelters, we took a long look at a new service called OblinQ.

OblinQ allows anyone and everyone to have a webstore in seconds. You can create your own boutique store in the form of adding products from any company on the web. And, if you add products from the OblinQ's participating companies, then sell one of those items, you will earn the company's standard affiliate commission. Some of their participating companies are Walmart,, Target,, and more.

The service is integrated with the affiliate networks supported by the merchants. The affiliate networks (e.g. Linkshare, Commission Junction) report commissions on sales generated from all OblinQ stores. Oblinq in turn reports those sales back to you as the store operator. Merchants decide the commission rates.

The only down side I see initially is that you will need a $100 minimum in commissions before you get paid...having done some affiliate marketing in the past, we know it may take a while in the beginning before you reach your first $100. However, you still receive the entire affiliate commission and the service does not cost a thing. So, it is still something I think we may look into further.

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