Tuesday, July 03, 2007

A little first aid!

We were just reading about our blogging friend, Tish, and how she saved her pup Cruella from choking one day. Whew, thank dog she knew what to do!

It's so important to know information on how to perform the Heimlich and CPR on your dog! You just never know what can happen.

Helping a Choking Dog
The Heimlich Maneuver for Dogs and Cats

How to Give Your Dog CPR
Pet CPR and First Aid

You can also check with your local American Red Cross has pet first aid classes.

Here is an educational video on how to perform CPR on your pet.

And see this great story about a police officer who saved a dog using CPR!


  1. Thanks so much for the great post! It's so scary to actually go through this. I watched the CPR video, so now I feel more prepared to handle the situation if it ever happens again. I've been certified in people CPR for 7 years now, but you never really think about having to do CPR on your dog!

    I loved the video about the cop saving the dog. It made me cry. It's so wonderful that there are people who will go to great lengths to help those pups in need!

  2. Wow this is very good info. Thanks for posting this. Woof!

  3. Very good video about CPR for our best friends!! Thank you. I have "bookmarked" it and will show my friends with dogs.

  4. Thank you Dianne! We appreciate you getting the word out.



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