Wednesday, July 04, 2007

SIRIUS Satellite Radio announced recently that renowned animal intuitive and communicator Sonya Fitzpatrick will host an exclusive weekly animal advice and call-in talk show, Animal Intuition.

Animal Intuition will launch in early spring 2007 on SIRIUS Stars, channel 102. Sonya Fitzpatrick will help pet lovers understand and connect with their pets-both living and passed on. Sonya, the former host of the Animal Planet program "Pet Psychic," is popular with animal lovers everywhere whether they are skeptics or believers. A lifetime animal advocate, Sonya has the extraordinary ability to communicate with animals and to teach people how to see things from the pet's point of view.

On Animal Intuition, Sonya will invite questions from listeners about any pet, from the usual household menagerie of cats, dogs, and birds to horses, pigs, iguanas, llamas, camels, and more. Guests will be a part of every show, from experts such as vets and animal shelter workers to celebrities that love pets.

And if you're looking for Sonya's book - you can get great used copies from!

Pet Psychic: What the Animals Tell Me

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