Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Love those fruits and veggies link love!

I've always wanted to know all kinds of fruits and veggies I could eat that are safe for us dogs. So I put together this Fruits and Veggies Link Love Project, so we can all have a great list of what's good for us! But please be responsible and do your research (or ask your vet) if the fruit or veggie that you are listing is really safe for us pups, K? We want everyone to be well!

---------------Copy and paste this line and below------------------

There are all kinds of fruits and veggies that are good for us dogs, right? Well, let's make a list! And get some link love in the process.


1.) Copy and paste the matrix of “Fruits/Veggies LinkLove” below, courtesy of Johann The Dog!

2.) Substitute the Host Tag and one of the “Fruits/Veggies” in the matrix with the name of the fruit or veggie and URL of your blog.

3.) Be sure that the fruit or veggie that you list is REALLY safe for dogs. Do your research, K?

4.) When you get a ping back from someone that has your link in one of their “Fruits/Veggies”, practice good paw by copying his/her Host Tag’s anchor text (automatically the associated link will also be copied) and paste it over one of your “Fruits/Veggies” below.

5.) Encourage and invite your readers to do the same and soon this can grow fast. And if your not a dog, but your blog about dogs you are also welcome to participate - just make sure you do your research! Safety first!

Host Tag: Blueberries - JohannTheDog

1. Blueberries - JohannTheDog
2. Bananas - Tip Tail
3. Apples - The Adventures of Spencer: Sticker Dog's Mascot's Blog
4. Oscar the Airedale - cherries
5. Pears - Dog Topics - pears are great, but don't let your dog eat the pips!
6. Watermelon - Good Bloggie! - remove seeds or buy seedless melons
7. Cantaloupe - The Dog Dish
8. Fruit
9. Fruit
10. Fruit
11. Fruit
12. Fruit
13. Fruit
14. Fruit
15. Fruit
16. Carrots - Utah Collie Rescue
17. Tomatoes - Ayla the Newf - I'd like to note that green tomatoes and the plants themselves are not safe for them to eat but ripe tomatoes should not be a problem.
18. Sweet Potato - Furbaby Frenzy
19. Cabbage - My Paw Prints on the Web
20. Kale: Fuzzy Logic
21. Veggie
22. Veggie
23. Veggie
24. Veggie
25. Veggie
26. Veggie
27. Veggie
28. Veggie
29. Veggie
30. Veggie

Important: Once I get a ping back from you (I promise to do the best I can), I will add your anchor text and the associated link you designate as “Host Tag” here, replacing one of the “Fruits/Veggies” from the matrix above. As more and more doggie bloggers copy and paste this matrix, the more backlinks you will have with your anchor text. If everybody who copies and pastes from your blog does the same, pretty soon this will spread and go viral. So, the sooner you participate, the more links with anchor text you will receive.

There it is folks. This should help you improve your Technorati ranking, SERP and Google PR and get you noticed with more blogs - we all like making friends, right? Please leave a comment here if you have copied from this matrix so that I can add you just in case your ping-back didn’t reach me.

Remember, before giving anything to your dog, research or ask your vet if the food is safe. Obligatory disclaimer: No entities and individuals participating or involved in this project will be liable for any injury or illness that could arise from feeding your dog the items listed and included in this list. Practice responsibility, K?

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  1. I signed up UCR! :)

  2. Hi, Johann! I will definitely participate.

    I see that someone has already listed carrots. Molly's vet recommended baby carrots as a healthy treat for dogs. She said that dogs love them, but so far, I can't get Molly or Cruella to touch them! *LOL*

  3. Hi Tish! Oh, I wouldn't eat carrots at first either. Then Mum steamed them a bit and now I love them. Just had to get the ball rolling, I guess. You may want to try that!

  4. What a good idea Johann! I have a veggie mush every day with my dinner and I always eat it before my meat like a good boy!

    Mum is going to try and follow the instructions you posted, but she's not very techhy savvy!

    Oscar x

  5. Hey Johann!
    Thanks for the fun game. We've added it to our blog and put tomatoes on the list! I have to say there are few foods that I don't like so I will be checking things off the list as we go along lol

    I get veggie mush mixed in with my kibble too, like Oscar ;-)

    BTW, carrots are often recommended for freezing to be given to your dog as a cold treat...of course you can freeze just about anything for a dog treat in my eyes...or put them in frosty paws! Yum!! They also can help clean your teeth.

    Newfie kisses!

  6. I think I need help with this techy pingy stuff but yams are very good for you as are apples. On the other side dogs should not eat grapes or onions.

  7. I am doing a post now and have added your metrix. Hopefully I have done it right. I have added cherries.

    Oscar x

  8. Hi Johann! I like carrots but someone's already listed that. So I've added cabbage instead. I read somewhere that it's rich in vitamins and good for digestive system and skin.

    ;-) Woof!

  9. Hi Johann,
    This is a great idea, I've added pears to the list (though you have to keep away from the pips) and hopefully pinged everyone successfully!

  10. I don't really like vegables... I do eat gummy bears,do those count as a fruit?

  11. I'm on board.. although a little behind.. hey Johann.. how about a blogrolling link like Wordless Wednesday's does? Might make it easier to play along.

  12. Great list idea! We've added Watermelon. Posted the list to our blog, and now trying the pinging thingy part.

    Have to see what our guys think about Kale. They like lettuce, our lawn, weeds...

  13. Posted a blog update about watermelon and our crew today.

  14. Disclaimer time!!! Seems the Frenchies had a reaction to the watermelon, so here's the disclaimer. Try out just a tiny little bit of a fruit or veggie, and see if it settles OK. Some pups just can't handle some things, believe I know!!! Keep well :)


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