Wednesday, July 11, 2007

The scoop on doo!

I am feeling sooooo much better. I had a solid 'output' last night and this morning. And I wanted to run, and run, and run, this morning too! Wow, it feels so good to feel better, I gotta say.

Mum gave me a little kibble this morning with my brown rice, veggie mix (for toddlers) and cottage cheese. Yum, I love my kibble. And she'll be adding in more and more kibble as my feedings progress.

Meanwhile, I was going through my Technorati links and came across this site that linked to us. It's called Speedcat Hollydale, and it's a bunch of (and I'm quoting him) mumbo jumbo. We like mumbo jumbo and were part of that mumbo jumbo recently. (Thanks Speedcat!). He rated my blog and found it to contain a certain 'dirty' word. We still got a G rating, thank goodness, but our dirty word was, yep you guessed it - Poop!

So we started thinking. The state of a dog's 'output' is a very important gauge in our health. We need to talk about it, it's a big (well hopefully not too big) part of our life, right? Off I went to Google to see what all the hubbub is about 'the stuff'! And guess what we found - yep sites dedicated to the word Poop! (Oops I said it again!). We found:
I could go on and on - as you know how it is with Googling. But what I learned? I am convinced that my 'output' is a very important part of me, my life, my family's life and the entire human and canine race!


  1. We agree! Poop is really really important! Glad you're feeling better and we'll work on the fruits and veggies link thing soon. (Dogmom is complaining cuz she's trying to set up the new computer and we're not helping.)

    Wuf Ya!
    Gomer & Opie

  2. Hi,

    You have been
    Follow the link for more information.

  3. All hail to the proper poop! Before I switched diets, my poop was pretty awful, but now it's always good and firm, never smells, and pretty much self destructs if mum doesn't pick it up from the garden that same day (she always scoops the poop when we're out of course).

    Oscar x

  4. Hi Johann, it's me, Frog!
    SOO happy you are feeling so much better.
    When you have been better for a while, try rolling on some grapes before you eat them - SCRUMMY!

  5. Oh, yes, grapes bad!!!! Mum wouldn't let me get within 5 feet of em.

  6. Hi, Johann! I linked this post in my Sunday Samplings! :)

  7. Johann, you can contact me through my website and send me your snail mail address - I'd like to send you a free copy of my book about Dogs, Poo and Intiative.
    I appreciate your work.

  8. Kirk - thanks so much for stopping by! We'd love to read your book. I emailed you.....keep in touch, K?

  9. Hi Johann :-)

    I like your post about poo, interesting and very funny at the same time!! ...also, hello from my dogs Rocky, Mardy, and Wrinkleskins.
    Life is cool when you monitor your stool.

    "Speedcat Hollydale" from Minnesota


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