Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Reuse and limit waste!

If you're like me and Mum, we have way too many books lying around that we don't need anymore. And there are other books that we'd like to have. Well we found a solution we may try out, it's SwitchPlanet.com - a 'use more - waste less' trading site for books, DVDs, CDs and games!

Now we are all for keeping the planet from waste, well except my 'output' waste of course. But if we can contribute to the good of the planet and get new stuff, well that's cause for action.

SwitchPlanet.com is a place to trade stuff you don't need anymore and get stuff you want. Right now you can trade DVDs, CDs, Books and Games, but soon they say you will be able to trade clothing, electronics, tools and much more.

And its 100% FREE to use.

The goal of SwitchPlanet.com is to establish their site as a premier online community that is committed to helping reduce the impact waste is having on the planet by trading things we no longer use to get the things we want.

And the company and its members proudly support non-profit organizations through cash and product contributions. Organizations like The Red Cross, Boys and Girls Club, Nature Conservancy, American Cancer Society and Child's Play Charity.

Now that's something to bark about!

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  1. I will check them out. I am a member of paperbackswap.com, and I've exchanged lots of books. It's great, I love getting rid of my old books and giving them to people who want them. Oh that reminds me I have one to send out!


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