Friday, July 27, 2007

We are off for the weekend early in the AM!

Gracie, Mum and I are off to an AKC agility trial in Dayton, Ohio. And leaving quite early in the morning. We decided to drive back and forth the two hours each way, both Saturday and Sunday, 'cause we all like sleeping in our own beds and we need to take care of the kitties, too!

After a quick days bout with loose 'output' yesterday, I am back and raring to go. Mum's slipped up on putting yogurt in with my kibble. That yogurt stuff is really helping my tummy!

Wish us luck at the trial, K?

Voting at the contest is going really well, you guys are rockin'!!!! Thank you so much for helping us out. We are ahead, but I'm a little nervous that while we're gone we may fall behind. So, tie a string around your paws, K? And remember to vote - we would sure, sure appreciate it!!!

Click here to vote!!!!

And stop by my friend Tish's blog at The Kat House, our friend Mike's at Ordinary Folk, and our friend Bala's at One Dog and Two Birds - tomorrow. They are participating in the Blogathon 2007 and helping to raise money for great causes. They are going to be blogging for 24 hours and I'm sure would love the encouragement and support. Mike and Tish are raising money for the Glaucoma Foundation. And Bala is raising money for the Eau Claire County Humane Society! And if you can be sure and sponsor them, K?


  1. Good luck at your agility trial! I just voted again and will do so again over the weekend!

    If you have any questions abut my diet, you can get your mum to email and mum and I will give our input!

    Oscar x

  2. We voted for you - all the best


Thanks for barking in!

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