Saturday, July 28, 2007

We're back early!

Hi everyone, hope you are having a great weekend.

We just got back a while ago from the Dayton Dog Training Club AKC Agility Trial in Dayton, Ohio. As you can see I'm pretty tired.

We left about 5:00 am this morning and got there right on time. But it was real foggy, tough driving, Mum said.

The trail was indoors with air conditioning, I loved it but Mum got cold. What? She sure didn't care if she was cold, as long as I was comfy and she warmed up running me. The flooring was matted rubber flooring, which Mum and I are learning I just absolute love running on. It's tough for some dogs because they slip, but I think it's great.

I ran Standard and JWW, both runs really clean and smooth, not super fast, but at a good fast pace. And we just can't believe it - I Double Q'd, again. Mum just keeps telling folks she is in awe of me. Hey, Mum, I am to please!!!

We got our two Q ribbons, and they had these really neat 'congrats on your DQ' ribbons, we had never seen before! We are on a pretty cool high!

When we got back we checked on the voting for getting my sis Gracie a birthday present. You guys are really rockin'!!! Thank you sooooo, sooooo much for voting for me. Only about 19 hours left to vote, so get 'em in OK. And then on Sunday, I think, we find out the winner, cool!

Click here to vote!

Also, be sure and stop by and visit with my friends who are participating in Blogathon 2007. They are going to need your help to keep it going - 24 hours of blogging is a marathon!
One Dog and Two Birds

We're off to rest up for the second day of the trail tomorrow!


  1. You must be a great trainer, and your dogs look like they have a good life. Reading about all the things a well loved dog can do is inspirational. Keep it up.

  2. Yay Johann & Gracie!
    We've each voted for you every day (including just now this morning). Opie uses mom's work computer and I use the one at home... tee hee.
    Wuf Ya! - Gomer & Opie

  3. I think we won Johann :-) Hope Gracie gets a nice pressie - it was very nice of you to think of her - I would have kept the pressie for myself :-)



  4. Looks like you're still in the lead. I hope you'll win the contest Johann. :)

    ~ girl girl


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