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Saturday, July 28, 2007

The Dog Poop Initiative!

You may remember my blog post about poo a couple of weeks ago. One of the highlights was a website we found called The Dog Poop Initiative. Kirk Weisler who wrote the book emailed me when he saw my post and wanted to send me his book, and...

...we got it today! Here we are checking out all the smells on the package...

Then Mum started opening it for us, 'cause no matter how we tried we couldn't get it open without opposable thumbs. Here we are waiting impatiently for Mum to open it...

Then she finally got it open and here's what was in our package...the book that Kirk said he was sending...

But wait, what is that that came with the book, could it...could it...could it be??? Yep, fake poo! I gave it a good sniff, and the book too, then went on my merry way. But Gracie????

She had to get right in there and check it out...then before I knew it, she was off with that thing, she thought it was a toy! Well Happy Birthday again, Gracie! BOL!

While Gracie was off playing with the poo. Mum read me the book. It's based on a true story about a Dad with his son at a soccer game, a big pile of poo, what a ruckus that poo made throughout the game, lots of folks that pointed to the poo but did nothing about it, and one man's determination and initiative to put an end to the ruckus and save the day.

It's a nice quick little read, with a great moral; "Life is full of people who are pointers....and they're only scoring zeroes. The players who take the initiative are the winners and the heroes."

Mum and me, we've always been initiative takers; want me to jump, I'm there...need me to go through that tunnel, I'm on it, round up some sheep, let me at 'em! And Gracie is much like that too. And we seem to have many friends that are like this, as well. Maybe initiative takers, hang with initiative takers. Who knows. But we sure enjoyed the book and are glad that Kirk sent it to us.

Kirk has taken his story on the road, throughout the US and in lots of other countries. And he talks to as many people as he can about the Scooper Movement. He's talked to folks at FedEx, AC Neilsen, WRGrace, Purdue University, just to name a few. Onward and upward, Kirk, and here's to the power of the poo!

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