Thursday, August 02, 2007

Back from my chiro adjustment!

Just got back a bit ago from my chiro adjustment. Mum had to put me in that dang car again and I didn't want to. Took a little coaxing with some treats and reassuring words from Mum and I finally gave in.

We headed north to Pendleton where our dear friend and super vet is. Pets and Vets is the place. It was kind of a knuckle whitening experience for Mum driving on the interstate again, but like always she bucked it up.

When we got there I was nervous. Had to get my weigh in and whatta ya know, I gained nearly a half a lb! What the dog? Now Mum has to slim me down again a little. Maybe running at the trial this weekend will get rid of some of my water weight.

Then we had to go back in 'the room'. Here I am. Look just a little stressed, do I?

While Mum and I waited she put me to work, going mat, sitting, lying down, going danger (that's when I sit between here legs, it's a safe place)...stuff like that.

Then Aunt Bonnie (she is actually Dr. Bonnie, and we sure hope she doesn't mind if we call her Aunt Bonnie), came in and spent a little time loving on me. Then she put me on the exam table and started checking me out. Checked my eyes (looked good), then she checked my teeth and found I had a broken tooth! She checked it for sensitivity, none there. But told Mum we should look into getting me to a dentist. Well we didn't even know there were doggie dentists! And I'm not so sure I'm gonna like that, but that's for a later worry.

After a bit, Aunt Bonnie started checking my muscles and soreness. And found some stuff, guess my ribs were kind of sore, and my back near my ribs, there was heat in my shoulders, and my pelvis wasn't as limber as it should be.

She gave me some chiro adjustments and little by little I was feeling better. Even gave her some licking lips to let her know. She sure does know what she's doing.

We got home and I'm on rest this afternoon. No zoomies for 24 hours and lots of liquids to move the toxins out. But I have to say, I am feeling much better.

After my appointment, Mum took me over to the river that 'sjust beside Auntie Bonnie's place. It's so cool there. A running river, ducks, walks to take. I love going there. We stayed for just awhile since it was about 95 degrees today. But I loved every minute of it.


  1. Oh very good! Our friend teaches canine chiro at Healing Oasis. And she has a traveling clinic on the East Coast... our kids get adjusted every two months when she comes to visit

  2. I've been a bit behind in my blogging lately but thought I'd stop by and say hello. I'm sorry to hear about the broken tooth, but thank goodness it's not sensitive!

  3. OMG - I was just looking back through your posts and saw you got into a fender bender - Im so sorry I missed that post buddy, I hope you and your family are ok. Then I saw the other post about dog safety in cars, and I think that is a very important thing that a lot of humans overlook, so If it's ok with you, my dad wants to have it as an article on the front page of DWB. Let me know what you think.


    P.S. My Ma just nominated you for photo of the month in The Bone Zone too!

  4. Hey Buddy,
    Thanks for pointing out the fox-paw in my blog profile. I think I fixed it now.

  5. Hi Johann! Glad you are feeling better! We know lots of doggie dentists! Opie and I have both had root canals and I had to have some broken teeth pulled out. It doesn't hurt much, though, cuz you sleep through the whole thing. Dogmom said she'd ask Dr. Kate (our FAVORITE doggie dentist) for a recommendation in Indy area if you like. Or... you could come visit us and go see Dr. Kate - She's the bestest of the three we've seen.

    Wuf Ya - Gomer & Opie

  6. Hi Johann, Glad you're feeling more aligned aftaer your visit. You should try some massage too...that feels very great and relaxing, BOL!

  7. Hey, just to say hope you are feeling much better.

    Seems like you have been in the wars a bit.


  8. Very neat! Lucy and Chase get chiro next week!


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