Thursday, August 02, 2007

We got flowers!

Mum, Gracie and I were taking it easy yesterday afternoon, since Mum and I were still sore. When all of a sudden I heard someone at the door!

Oh my dog! It's a package and I just know it's for me!

Hurry up Mum and help us open it!!! She opened it, but it seemed like forever!!!!

Look, they're flowers! And very pretty ones at that. They were sent by our good buddies Willow and Simba and their Mum Sherry. Mum got kind of sniffy and said, 'I think that is just about the nicest thing ever! I love tulips!' They sent them to wish us well after our accident.

Mum thought they were beautiful and they are, but we like the smells the best.

Thank you so much you three, we loves ya!!!

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