Thursday, August 02, 2007

Cosmo's Mum to the rescue again, and a sweet ride!

Well, Cosmo's Mum came to our rescue again! Yep, she drove us to the airport to pick up our new rental, the ride we will be living in (at least at trials) for the next three to four weeks.

Mum and I love our Land Rover Discovery, a Disco, they call it. It's in the shop now, and we hope that it's not too damaged. We should hear today. Mum has always dreamed of having a Land Rover. Every time she would see one on the road she would start drooling, just like Homer Simpson.

When we got Gracie and started doing lots more trials with me, she had to upgrade for our safety and hers. Here is a nice pic of a Disco just like ours. Why, I don't know, but Mum has never taken a photo of our car.

Yesterday and the day before, Mum spent a lot of time on the Internet trying to decide the best way to rent a safe car for us within the allowable, and obligatory, $30.00 per day stipend the insurance company will pay. It sure wasn't easy, I was getting pretty tired of her surfing the net and talking with rental companies.

She found out that if she let the insurance company pay it directly and she went directly to a rental place a midsize SUV would cost about $350.00 per week. Well that's out of the question. So she worked with the insurance company to reimburse her and booked her rental at a weekly rate through

Well, it really paid off. She booked a midsize SUV, which would be like a Jeep Liberty, for only $180.00 per week. She thought that would do and not cost us very much out of pocket expense. When she showed up at the rental counter at the airport, gee, they were all out of that size SUV. So what did they do?? Can you say UPGRADE!!!! Yep, we got lucky again.

So here is our new sweet ride for the next weeks. A 2007 Dodge Durango. Mum and I think it will do just fine!

She was a little nervous driving again for the first time since the accident, but handled it like a pro. And the nice thing is that since this is taken care of, the cars being repaired, and things are moving in a forward motion, she's feeling lots better and less stressed. It's not over, but it sure is progressing.

We are so grateful for Cosmo's Mum for helping us out again. We've disrupted her life, and her dog's lives, but we promise to pay her back and help her with her courses this weekend at the USDAA trial in Lebanon. And Mum took her to dinner last night!

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  1. I love my Landy (well both of them actually but they are not as new as a disco).

    That Dodge looks super cool too. Hope its nice.



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