Thursday, August 23, 2007

Check out!

Now here's a new fun place to visit!! is designed by pet lovers, for pet lovers. All pet lovers! It's a new pet community where the focus is solely on the pet. Whether you are looking for other pets just to make friends, or to show off your pets best pics, you can find it all at is place for pets from all over the world to mingle, exchange ideas, learn from one another and play. And they've created a "PetStar" section, where you can show off your pet’s talents and intelligence. Members can vote for other pets, too, which can possibly open up doors in your pets the future!

Here are their top 10 reasons to join
  1. Create a personal web site for your pet
  2. Store your pet’s favorite photos and home videos in a place designed for it
  3. Show everyone your favorite pet photos and home videos from any computer to anyone in the world
  4. Build your own pet community by inviting all your friends to be part of it and make more friends with other PetPop members
  5. Meet other breeds like you from all over and exchange breed specific information
  6. Check out their top rated pet and resource profiles
  7. Stay on top of your pet's health with PetPop Healthy
  8. Become a PetStar and get your chance to shine like you always knew you could
  9. Participate in creative Contests and win special Prizes
  10. Be part of a fast growing Pet Community
And, it's free!

Note: This is an exchange post.


  1. Thanks for the tip, Johann. I will dheck them out right now!

  2. Hi Johann, I just checked out PetPop. What a fun site! I am not sure how my Stella can request you as a friend, though. Go check out her profile when you have a chance:

  3. Hi Johann, I am not sure if my comment went through or not so I am writing it again. Stella and I checked out PetPop and it looks like a really fun site. Stella wanted to invite you as a friend but we couldn't quite figure out how...her profile address is:

    so please visit when you have a chance!


Thanks for barking in!

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