Thursday, August 23, 2007

I got my Polliwog!

During my friends Tish and Mike's ferocious round of blogging during Blogathon 2007, they had a contest and drawings for Polliwogs, and I won one!

Polliwogs are cute little pewter tadpoles that are considered good luck charms. Well, I could always use a stroke of good luck, especially in November (that's when I always seem to get hurt somehow. But not this year, 'cause I gots my Polliwog!).

Here I am ripping into it to get to that good luck...

Once I got it open, I saw the Polliwog came on this really cool postcard. Mum!!! Give it back!!!

I turned over the postcard and there was the Polliwog! Cool! And my kittie brother, Wiggy, he just had to get in on the act. Hey, Wigs - leave my Polliwog alone!

I want to thank Polli at Polliwog for sending me this great little gift. Mum is putting it up on the shelf so we can admire it, and keep it out of our tummies!


  1. Awww, how cute! I'm glad you like your polliwog! :) I adore mine too! I hope it brings you lots of good luck!

  2. Johann-I hope the polliwogs work! I had never heard of a polliwog! I had to look it up! Just goes to show ya, humans can learn something from a dog everyday! Take care!


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