Tuesday, August 07, 2007


Halloween, believe it or not is just around the corner. Really!

I'm not much of a movie watcher, but my sis Gracie loves watching TV. Her favs are always movies and shows that have other dogs in them. They make her go nuts, barking and running around the house. Cujo, got her hiding under the covers! Scared the beegeebees out of her.

Coming up on August 31st is a new version of Halloween - The Movie. Rob Zombie wrote and directed this latest Halloween movie.

Now when you look at the original, it just doesn't seem very scary, but with all the new advances in moving making, it's our bet that this will really get Gracie, not only under the covers, but maybe under the covers in the next state, or country! She'll be off like a border collie on sheep, and that's fast you know!

Check out this trailer of Halloween, the movie and see what you think; and if you'll be able to go and see this very scary looking version of Halloween:

Mum is looking forward to Rob Zombie, not just doing a sequel; but totally remaking the original of this classic horror film, and bringing something new and unique to the genre.


  1. Yikes! We won't be seeing that one! Cuz I, Gomer, am the only TV watcher in the family and I'd much rather watch Lady and the Tramp.

    Wuf Ya!
    Gomer (and Opie too)

  2. Hi Air-Johann,
    I tried to look at the pictures you sent me links for, but it could make them work. Can you email the pics to me care of Dogs With Blogs?
    Thanks Buddy.

  3. Our Mom loves scary Movies! But she always waits till they come out on DVD so she can hid under the covers if she has to.


  4. Yikes is right! I can't believe Halloween is so close. Stores have costumes out already,

  5. It looks scary! I'd have to make sure my dogs keep me safe.


Thanks for barking in!

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