Friday, August 24, 2007

A little first aid - part deux!

Gross alert!!! But valuable on!

How to induce vomiting in dogs is a very valuable tip to have around - and I have to say we've used this one a couple of times at our house.

One day, while Mum was out mowing the lawn, Gracie got up on the counter and grabbed an entire bag of wheat buns. You guess it, she ate all 8 of 'em. Even though Mum had them put way back on the counter. Gracie still managed to get to them. And sometimes accidents like this happen to those that take the greatest care.

So that Gracie wouldn't get sick, twist her stomach or get bloat, Mum made her throw it all up using peroxide. Even though it's not comfortable for Gracie to go through - it's much better than what she may go through trying to digest all that bread. She was up and around, playing like a champ, just about 20 minutes later.

Inducing vomiting is not always the answer, however. If your dog has ingested a substance that you suspect is toxic, first you need to identify the substance and call the Animal Poison Control Center - 1-888-426-4435 or your veterinarian. This is a wonderful and important phone number to have around and in your pet's first aid kit. Sometimes your vet isn't available and you need immediate answers.

It is very important to make sure the substance the dog has eaten isn't a caustic substance, because they cannot be treated by induced vomiting. Instead, vomiting will cause internal problems in your dog's stomach and their condition may very rapidly worsen. If you suspect poisoning, consult your vet, emergency vet or call the emergency poison control number for help.

Here's a video on when and how to induce vomiting if you every need it. But remember, this isn't always the solution, you should consult your veterinarian before doing anything this drastic.


  1. Great information Johann!

  2. Thanks Johann! That is really helpful! My little girl Jingles got into a 1pound chocolate bar about a year ago and we rushed her to the vet and I believe this is what the vet did! I don't remember exactly because I was mildly hysterical at the time! But thanks for the info!

  3. Hi, Johann!

    I'm so glad Gracie is okay!

    Molly knocked over the garbage can a while back and ate an entire Velveeta cheese foil pouch! I caught her just as she was finishing it off. I called the vet and they told me to watch her - that they thought she could pass it. Thankfully she finally did! That gave me a real scare!


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