Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Be a green dog!

With nearly 62 million dogs in households throughout the US, you can bet your pups are leaving their paws prints on the environment. So what can you do? Help your dog go green!

By purchasing environmentally responsible pup products, utilizing environmentally safe household cleaners, and by taking other sustainable measures, you can have a healthier and happier pup, and help the environment at the same time!

Visit my new Squidoo lens on Raising a Green Dog! It's packed full of information on how you and your pup can go green, be healthier and happier and help the environment at the same time!


  1. hi Johann! Suidoo seems to be having some issues right nowbut I will definitely check this out when are back online..

  2. Johann? does Green environmentally friendly dogs chase away bad bird from the beach cos they is stoppin people in great big truck from drivin on the beach?

    Cos if they don't then I is not a very Green dog...

  3. Johann- You are a very smart pup! Thanks for the tip! I will be sure and check out the site to see what I can do to keep Jingles as green as possible! Thanks for another great post! Take care friend!

  4. I checked out your squidoo lens. That's very pawsome idea and articles on the green dog. :)

    ~ Girl girl

  5. Hey Johann... what a great idea and such an informative one!.. u know what, we just adopted a lost dog and he is my big brother now.. he is great!..


  6. And the green products are much safer for your dog too. There's enough chemicals in our environment they have to deal with, so I agree keep them out of your house. Keep up the great blogging.

  7. Wow, I wasn't aware that there were THAT many dogs in America. If there are only ~300 million (are my numbers right?) people, having 60 million dogs is incredible. With these numbers, making dogs green really could make a huge impact.


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