Thursday, September 27, 2007

Blogging against animal abuse!

Today is Bloggers United Against Abuse Day. There is so much abuse in the world today for 2 and 4-leggers, we really don't know where to begin. For now, we choose to blog for the animals - my species, my kind.

I have been a victim of abuse. It was almost a year ago. Even though those that abused me when I was away from my Mum, still to this day do not believe what they did was abuse, I am sure. Just as I am sure it happens with others every day of every year. But it happened, and it was.

There are far too many much more severe cases of abuse that happen every day, than what happened to me. I was the lucky one. What it did was make me think, make me more aware, make me become more educated, and make me, my Mum and my sister Gracie, want to help however we can.

To honor what I went through last November and for all of those that suffer every day, my loving sister, Gracie created a AIM page to support the Animal Legal Defense Fund. It was and is a way for all of our family to try to help make things just a little bit better if we can. Stop by her page if you get a chance and read about the good work the folks at the Animal Legal Defense Fund are doing to help stand up for the rights of all animals.

And remember, be kind!


  1. Johann
    Thank you fow witing me..I love youw Blog..I'm so sowy to heaw that you went thwough abuse..I don't know why hoomans do these things? I want to help too!
    Do you mind if I take youw animal abuse sign and put it on my site??Pleez stay safe!
    smoochie kisses

  2. It's great that you're highlighting this to raise awareness. Hoomans should be kind to animals.

    ~ Girl girl

  3. Hello Johann,
    thank you for doing this much! been to gracie's and i couldnt leave a comment but i added her blog to my list! *Hugs***

  4. Hi!

    Thanks for telling us about this. More of us need to help animals.

    Tell everyone about what they can do also!



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