Monday, September 24, 2007

Chute pic!

When Mum and I were at the trail this weekend there were a couple of companies taking photos. Mum loves going to look at the photos, mostly because she sees things that went on in our runs, that she can't see when she's running me. And because she just loves looking at me, BOL!!!

This was an interesting pic. During our Standard run on Friday (when we got the big MX) there were two jumps coming out of a tunnel, from one jump to the next was a 90 degree turn and then the chute was right there. Mum remembers me almost blowing past the chute, but taking a quick, quick turn and making it in the chute, just in time.

What she didn't see, however, was how I came out of the chute. And the fact that I didn't hesitate one iota going on to the next jump and a 90 degree turn into the weaves. So when she saw this pic, she was pretty surprised. It's not the usual way I come out of the chute, halfway going over on my side. But she loved the intensity, and the fact that it didn't hurt me, whew!!!

Photo courtesy: Moonshots Photography, LLC


  1. Hi Johann ... that looks fun ... Casey and Peanut would like join in the "chute" too .... woof woof :)

  2. Johann, that pic of you looks pawsome. You sure are concentrating on what you're doing

    ~ Girl girl


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