Sunday, September 16, 2007

Dog days!

Ever wonder how I remember all those dog days and holidays? One late night, I scoured the Internet and found just about all the days honoring us pups that I could find. Then I did two things:

1. Put together a Squidoo lens about days devoted to dogs,
2. And I added all those days and events to a public Google Calendar.

If you would like to add these wonderful days earmarked just for us pups to your Google Calendar, just click here, login, then do a search in the public calendars for 'days honoring dogs'. It should pop right up and you can add it to your calendar!


  1. What a fun lens! You're just a lens making machine :) lol

  2. That sure is a clever way to find out the days for the doggies. :)

    ~ Girl girl


Thanks for barking in!

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