Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Keepin' Mum in shape!

Since Mum's been thinking so much about keeping me in good physical shape, she's also been thinking about how she can keep herself in good shape.

Since she runs me, she has to run pretty hard. And now that Gracie is keeping her speed up in both practice and competition, Mum needs to be in the best shape possible. Running two dogs, is a whole other ball game than running just one.

So as part of my training plan, she's working in activities that she can do with me (and Gracie), and also looking into some weight loss tips just to make sure she doesn't put any lbs. on this Winter. Luckily she's in pretty decent shape and just has to watch herself when her activity declines, eating more fruits and veggies, cutting back on the indulgences, that type of thing.

Hey agility handlers? What do you do to keep in shape?


  1. With Sammy hurt you will have to come help keep me in shape Johann.

  2. I try to go jogging with my boys but I've been slacking off lately... lots of veggies, and fruits, and healthy eating for me. I gained too much at camp!

  3. Hey Johanns,

    I found your place at MyBlogLog. Cooools! I joined the other darks.

    My secretary, ∆≈, keeps me in shapes with all those walkies. He's a chocoallicks but he eats lots and lots of veggies and fruit stuffs. And Mum makes lots of plant meals.

    “Keep the peeps healthy and they will keep you healthys.”



  4. Oh My hooman have to learn from your mum how to keep in shape. Her excuse of not exercising is that she dont need to walk her hammie

    ~ Girl girl

  5. my owner had been putting off weight ever since she runs with me...


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