Monday, October 15, 2007

Cool new camera!

Mum always lusts after digital cameras and video cameras, 'cause she loves to take pics and vids of us and the kitties. It's one of her hobbies! For the most part we are pretty cooperative, especially when she has treats!

There are some new digital cameras coming out soon. One of them is the new Nikon D300. And wowser, does it look like a good one. A dream camera if you will. It's a 12+ megapixel, and they say it will take up to 8 frames per second, just perfect for those speedy agility runs. Whew! Sounds soooo cool.

Right now Mum is using a little Olympus Camedia 6 megapixel. Sure would be great to get a new one. Maybe Christmas time, huh Mum?

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