Friday, October 12, 2007

Mum's marketing for pet businesses!

Mum has been real busy this week. What's she been working on now? She has kept it pretty hidden from me and Gracie, but unveiled it to us this afternoon.

Here it is! And we are super excited. Mum has decided to begin helping pet businesses with their marketing needs. That means we can get to know loads of folks and other 'fur kid's' that have pet businesses like online shops and boutiques, pet sitting and photography businesses, doggy daycares and bakeries, spas and grooming shops, and loads more. And we get to help them with their marketing. Well, Mum will anyway, as it should be, BOL!

If you have a pet business and need some marketing help, be sure and contact my Mum, K? She knows lots about marketing and has been doing it for way longer than I've known her - nearly 20 years she says. For the past 5 years she's been a freelance marketer to technology companies.

Since she loves animals and has experience with my sites and in retail, she decided to branch out to help other pet businesses. Other folks had mentioned she should do this and it seemed like a natural fit to me. Now she can help pet lovers who have businesses with online and viral marketing, marketing materials, planning and marketing direction, blogging, websites, advertising, events and even more.

Send her an email if you have questions or to set up a time to talk with her, 'cause she says that the first conversation is free! In the meantime, stop by the new website - Pawsible Marketing to get some good ideas on how she may be able to help you.


  1. That's awesome! Maybe we can trade some web design for some marketing tips or something.. but I can definately link to you, once I get rolling..

  2. Hey Johann I need help... my momma keeps all of my money from my business and says that no one buys nothin... you need to start an ask Johann column I think

  3. Good luck to your Mum, Johann! And there's an award waiting for you on my blog! :)

  4. Woh, that's a pawsome idea. I'm sure your mum can help lots of friends here who have pet businesses

    ~ Girl girl


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